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Chapter Two of the Constitution of Jurlandia, ordaining and establishing the Legislative Branch and addressing its power of impeachment, ends with a reference to the Golden Rule:

“The people here intend to establish a necessary element of the checks and balances among the three coordinate branches ordained by this Constitution. Impeachment is an extraordinary constitutional remedy, which the people instruct the Parliament never to abuse for merely political ends or as punishment for merely unpopular decisions. The people remind their Parliament, as they remind themselves: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The letter of the law must always be integrated with its spirit — the spirit of empathy, mutuality, cooperation in finding and doing the good.

I want to build upon this theme, and will do so in due course. It is clear that lawyers must be more than mere loophole artists. If they merely focus on the texts of their constitution and legislative enactments, etc., and then seek to find ways to skirt “safely” to their edges, or perhaps just a shade beyond, without caring about the larger purposes of law and language, then the prospects of law-governed and reasoning-nurtured society are imperiled. This is a huge subject. I will address it further in due course.

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